100 Year Anniversary Pistol

Commemorative Gun Update  –  1st Vice President Kelley Hulsey  –  March 19, 2021
 I spoke with the Glock rep this morning,  and got some not so happy news.
 .40 caliber sales have dropped 39% over last year. Glock is currently NOT producing  model 22s, in gen 4 or Gen 5, as they are tooled up for model 17’s ((mm).  Nationwide, law enforcement is shying away from the  .40 and even ISP appears to be going back to the 9mm.
So….. if this is the case, we may be left with the 17 as the commemorative gun.
I get it, we carried model 22s…. but as my buddy Sgt K says, “it is what it is,” and if ISP does make the switch to the 17, which appears quite possible,  at least it will be a gun that ISP used.
On the GOOD side, the price appears to be under $600… possibly less than $550. (tax, title, out the door…)
I’ll have a definitive price in the next week or so.
Had we had Glock engrave the guns, it would have been $628  apiece BEFORE tax and shipping AND only engravings on the top,  with no engraving on the magazine baseplate or slide cover… so I’m REALLY happy about that. 
I am currently working  on data for the website where you will be able to make the purchase,  and HOPEFULLY,  by the end of the month, it will be up and running.
UPDATE  –  March 25, 2021
Anyone else want to take over this commemorative gun project???    Holy cow.
One challenge after another has been tossed at us by Glock..
First it was no Civilian sales, then no Gen 4s, then it was no engraving on the sides, followed by no model 22s…
and now….
They wanted us to have a number by APRIL 15th!
Well, that isn’t feasible.
We are still working on the web page set up…. nowhere near ready for orders.
We were able to dodge that deadline by pushing the delivery date from November to January, which pushes our post engraving delivery to May or June of 22 instead of April.
We will all live.
So….now, here’s the latest, ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
The final price on the gun should be $590.00
Higher than I had hoped, less than I had feared.
That is what you pay the Heritage foundation.
You will be responsible for your fee to the FFL you have it shipped to, UNLESS you pick it up at the engraver.
It’s in South Central Illinois, and I’m not releasing that info yet simply because of the dollar amount of weapons involved he will have on his premises.
I will release it later when guns are actually ready for delivery.
If you pick them up there, the money you paid for shipping to your FFL will cover HIS FFL fees.
We are still hoping to get the website up and running on the Heritage foundation page ASAP, with a DROP DEAD cutoff date of either June 15 or 30.
Simply put, if you fail to get your order in by the due date you WILL NOT be able to order one.
No exceptions.
We will submit the order immediately after the window has closed and that is how many guns will be produced.
Now, of course there are always more hairs in the punch bowl.
We are not guaranteed the serial number block we want, but we were told it is likely.
We are also not guaranteed high capacity magazines, depending on federal legislation imposing restrictions.
You now know everything I do.
Does your head hurt yet?
I will be SOOOOO glad when this is complete!


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