District 5 Retiree Shoot

September 13, 2021 all-day
ISP DIstrict 5
16648 Broadway St
IL 60441
Tpr Keith Malek #5629


 I hope this finds you all doing well.  The District 5 Retiree Shoot is now open for scheduling.  You will find two documents attached that will need to be printed and filled out prior to your arrival for your scheduled time. 

 Going forward I will be using the google docs link to sign up Retiree’s the shoot.  All you need to do is click this following link and fill in the information and hit submit.  All submissions will be time stamped and taken in the order they are received.  You may use the same email to submit another retiree, just use their information.  The link labeled D5 Retiree Shoot Assignments will be updated weekly.  You will need to find your name on the document and attend the retiree shoot at that time.  Please show up on time.  While the time choices are at the hour mark, like last year we will also assign shooters to the half hour mark too.  I have received many requests by retiree’s for the option to buy more t-shirts and additional items.  I am pleased to announce that that we have a website up that will allow you to order items and pick them up at the retiree shoot registration desk on September 13th or choose to have them mailed to you.  If you choose the option for them to be mailed to you, you will have shipping added at checkout.  I have designed several of the items including a retiree specific shirt, golf, polo, multiple 100 yr anniversary items (knife, shirts, hats, divot tool, blanket.. etc).  You will not find these items anywhere else.  The site will close on August 31, 2021 to allow for production and shipping to the district so that way the items will be at District 5 in time for the retiree shoot.   

ISP Online Shop

 Here is the link to click to register;  ISP D5 Sept 13, 2021 Retiree Shoot

 Here is the link to check assignments (remember the assignments will not be done automatically);  ISP D5 Sept 13, 2021 Retiree Shoot Assignments

 Please Review the Rest of the email to ensure you bring all that is needed and comply with our current rules and protocol. 

You will need to bring the following to the shoot.
a.      The 3 attached forms filled out,
b.      Your own ears,
c.      eyes,
d.       ammunition,
e.      weapons,
f.       holsters,
g.      10 dollars cash (Please bring a 10 dollar bill so we don’t have to make change),
h.       FOID if in state or DL if out of State,
i.       ISP Retiree ID
j.      Show up with your weapon ready to go and your magazines loaded
K.      There will be a sign in table just off of the parking lot near the range building.  You will turn in your waiver, pay your $10 and be sent to one of the ranges.  At the conclusion of the shoot you will be given your sticker at the range line. 

For next year.  I will be sending the retiree dates in January.  I will then open the enrollment for them a month out just like this.  Please understand we will always make sure we do everything to get you all scheduled.  I have found that when I open enrollment more than a month out that I end up working more on changing assignments and cancellations than I do with regular assignments.  This is the primary reason I have chosen to wait until this time to open the sign up.  Hopefully the dates coming out in January will help with those that live out of town to make arrangements. 

Please forward this message on in its entirety to your friends that may not receive this email.  Last retiree shoot this message did not make it to the District Chicago and District 15 retiree email lists and returned with an error.   

Tpr Keith Malek #5629

District 5 Range Supervisor

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