District 8 – Metamora IL

August 20, 2021 @ 8:00 am
Distric 08 HQ
1265 Lourdes Rd Metamora
IL 61548
Sgt. C. Pfau W #6086


We will be having a Retiree shoot September 10th at District 8.  We will be following current CDC guidelines concerning COVID restrictions.  If you have already answered my previous emails stating you will be shooting at this retiree shoot, that’s great.  I have your name.  If you have not and would like to shoot, please reply to this email with the number of guns you will be shooting.  If you have already qualified at a Retiree shoot this year, you are welcome to come and shoot with us, but please tell us you have already qualified.  I will be assigning time slots for everyone shooting so for those attending, please watch for an additional email with your assigned times.

When you arrive at HQ you will have several papers to complete as well as a FOID and Serial number check.  Please bring your FOID, Retired ID, and the Serial Numbers for your weapons with you (written on a piece of paper) so everything can go as smoothly as it ever does.  I will not be your Range Officer this time (of course I’ll miss you), but I’ve left you in the more than capable hands of M/Sgt Stenger and Tpr. Molitor.  That being said, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to text or call me (309/212-4036).

Thanks so much, I appreciate it.

Sgt. C. Pfau W #6086

District 08
1265 Lourdes Rd
Metamora, IL 61548