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    • Director’s Message Thank you again to everyone in the Department for being so welcoming and enthusiastic these first three weeks since I joined the team. The response of impacted districts to the “polar vortex” was strong and professional which came as no surprise to someone who knows and loves the Illinois State Police (ISP). It’s also been great to see so many ...
    • First Dept. Director The following appointment is effective February 1, 2019. Office of the Director, First Deputy Director Matthew Davis
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Bylaws and rules as of September 11, 1998,
as amended September 30, 2004.

Article I – Name Of Association

  • The name of the Association, as approved May 15, 1974, shall be: “Retired State Police Association of Illinois”

Article II – Purpose of Association

  • Purpose of the Association shall be: “For the betterment of all Illinois State Police personnel, both active and retired and to preserve and strengthen the ties of comradeship among its members”.

Article III – Qualification for Membership
(as amended August 31, 2004)

  • A.  Regular membership: Shall be open to all Illinois State Police personnel who have retired under the State of Illinois formula and to all surviving spouses of deceased retired and active ISP personnel.
  • B.  Associate membership shall be open to any Illinois State Police employee who has completed 15 years of service and is still employed by the Illinois State Police. Associate members may not vote or hold elective office.
  • C.  Paid lifetime membership shall be confirmed on those retirees, and the surviving spouses of those retirees, who retired or died in 1974 or earlier and who have paid their RSPA dues for five consecutive years (or made a one time payment equal to five years dues), adopted June 24, 1998, and effective January 1, 1999, as a 25th Anniversary celebration and to aid our sisters and brothers drawing very little retirement benefits.

Article IV – Termination of Membership

  • Membership in the Association shall be deemed to have terminated when a member has failed to submit their annual dues, (fiscal year is January 1 – December 31), to the Treasurer within six months after they have been declared to be due and payable. Such termination shall be declared in effect after member has been advised of pending termination, addressed to said member at their last known, registered address with the Treasurer.

Article V – Dues

  • Dues in the amount deemed to be necessary to cover expenses incurred in the operation of the Association shall be determined and established by the membership. Dues may be paid by payroll deduction.

Article VI – Officers and Directors

  • Officers of the Association shall consist of the following:
    • President
    • 1st Vice President
    • 2nd Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer and
    • Directors.


  • The office of President shall be successive, in that at the Fall Bi-Annual meeting, every odd numbered year, a new 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer only shall be elected, and the retiring 1st Vice President shall assume the office of President.


  • The office of 2nd Vice President shall be filled by a member selected from the geographic area, (north, central, south areas with no hard boundaries), of the State vacated by the above stated “advance in chairs”.


  • The terms of office shall be from February 1 the year after the election through January 31 two years later.
  • Past Presidents automatically become Directors and serve lifetime terms in that office. The duty of a Director is to provide input and guidance to RSPA officers when so requested.


  • Missing of 3 successive meetings, without due and reasonable cause, by an elected Officer shall deem such office to be vacant and then to be filled by action of the body present, in Quorum, at the next regular meeting.

Article VII – Quorum

  • A Quorum of at least 15 members shall be present to vote during any meeting of the Association at which Elections, Dues structure, Termination of membership, or any other situation, which the presiding Officer deems appropriate, is under consideration.

Article VIII – Meetings

  • The Fall Bi-Annual Meeting, (odd numbered years), will be held in the appropriate area to elect a 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.


  • There shall be a minimum of 4 regular meetings in Illinois each year. Additional or Special meetings may be called, as established above, when necessity so dictates.


  • Meetings shall be of an informal, though business-like, procedure under a relaxed form of “Parliamentary Procedure”.

Article IX – Rules

  • It should not be necessary to establish a firm set of rules, since all of the members have served in a principled capacity for numerous years. It is hoped that courtesy, regarding addressing the chair from the floor, and other aspects reflecting the Golden Rule be practiced by all. Should it become necessary to establish Rules, the President may institute proceedings in this direction.

Article X – Committees

  • Committees shall be appointed by the President, or in his/her absence, by the presiding Vice President. They shall be for specific purpose and duration.

Article XII – Expenses

  • The Officers, and Committee members so designated by the President, shall be reimbursed for Association related expenses at a reasonable rate to be determined collectively by the Officers with any changes in rates published in the following newsletter.

One Comment on “By-Laws”

  1. ARTICLE XI seems to have been omitted in the above By-Laws. It reads “Ammendments” These by-llaws may be ammended after an ammendment has been proposed and accepted by a two thirds majority vote of the members present at two successive regular meetings to which all members have been invited and advised of the proposed ammendments in the newsletter prior to the meetings.

    Submitted by Michael J. Burke President RSPS of Illinois. I will attempt to get copy of the most recent most recent and complete By-Laws entered here on our web page. Submitted 2-28-2018.

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